Friday, August 28, 2015

Top Ten Best Leather Fanny Packs on

Molly Shaheen is crushing the leather fanny pack game right now.  All you ladies need to get on board.  These ain't your mom's fanny packs either.  These are high end, 100% leather, hand made, high quality, fashionable, cute as hell fanny packs.  Here are our top ten favorites.  All of these are currently available on her site so go gettem before they sell out.  We've included links for each one so you can easily click and buy!  And no- we do not benefit at all from this post...

1.  Scaled Stone Fringed Circle with Orange Tips Leather Fanny Pack

The orange tips on the fringe of this off-white bag absolutely kill it.  We can picture this on the hips of all the hot festival chicks out there.  Molly has a couple of fringe leather fanny packs on her site but this one is the best.

2.  Textured Berry Purple Envelope Leather Fanny Pack

This is our favorite of the classic envelope style fanny pack.  It's a nice simple design with a slick magnetic snap closure.  That rich berry purple color pops so much it's bound to catch everyone's attention.

3.  Bubbled Blood Orange Circle Leather Fanny Pack

This one is all about texture.  The bubbled leather material feels so lovely you won't be able to keep your hands off of it.  The bright blood orange color certainly stands out as well.  This is our favorite of the classic circle style fanny packs she offers

4.  Soft Black Shearling Circle Fringe Leather Fanny Pack

Whoa.  Fur, fringe, and leather?  Yes please.  This one is so cool and- like the bubbled orange- is really fun to touch.  Get ready for lots of comments and attention when you wear this sucker out.  

5.  Bright Orange Croc Cat Ears Leather Fanny Pack

Meowie wowie.  What do you get when you mix a cat with a crocodile inside a fanny pack?  Apparently you get this amazing bag.  We love how you can flip the ears up when you're curious and down when you're serious.

6.  Metallic Blue Texture Mouse Ears Leather Fanny Pack

Like it's cat ear cousin- this bag allows you to move the ears around depending on your mood or setting.  Disney World here we come!  We think this metallic blue leather is from the future by the way. 

7.  Bubbled Blood Orange Zip Flap Leather Fanny Pack

We're suckers for the bubbled blood orange.  The zip flap style is cool because it combines the look of the envelope with the zipper security of the circle.

8.  Metallic Green Croc Envelope Leather Fanny Pack
Nothing wrong with sticking to the classic envelope style.  This one is a great combo of color and texture.  Very industrial and urban.  We told you these weren't your mom's fanny packs!

9.  Pebbled Blue Pouch Leather Fanny Pack

How many styles does this chick have?!  The pouch leather fanny pack offers more room than the other styles and converts perfectly to a clutch.  We're feeling this pebbled blue color too but not as much as blood orange or berry purp!

10.  Navy Bandana Fringed Circle with Bright Blue Pearl Tips Leather Fanny Pack

Fringe is so hot right now.  We had to make sure we included all three varieties on this list!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

We Have an RSS Feed Now.

Get all of the latest lists on your myyahoo or google or what ever homepage of choice! I actually just started getting into RSS feeds myself. They can get the job done. Add our feed top ten fans!

Top Ten Thanksgiving Dinner Foods

Thanksgiving is one of those special holidays where we give thanks for everything great it our lives, which is a lot when you put things into perspective. It also marks the beginning of the intense rush for Christmas shopping, a true American capitalists tradition. There is so much to love like the Macy's Parade, Dallas Cowboys and Detroit Lions football games, and of course being able to stuff your face till you pass out. Here is one person's opinion on the best of Thanksgiving Day foods.

1. Turkey
Seriously, could anything else be number one. Turkey is good all the time, turkey sandwiches are a staple in many people's diets, but the over-sized roasted type typically only happens once a year for most families. Thanksgiving turkey is good from the first bite to the last bite of leftovers.

2. Stuffing
Stuffing is to turkey what Yin is to Yang, Laurel is to Hardy, Peanut Butter is to Jelly. No matter what you put into it or recipe you use, it always seems to be that perfect compliment to the meal.

3. Mashed Potatoes
I'm not sure what's better, the taste or the texture, but all together it is darn good. Butter, garlic, and gravy all help to bring out the natural wholesome flavor of some whipped up spuds and the creamy melt in your mouth sensation makes this a top ten food for sure.

4. Gravy
It's a shame that gravy isn't used more often in everyday menus, but that's probably a good thing for cholesterol levels. But on Thanksgiving when all the health rules are out the window, feel free to use this wonderful sauce extremely liberally.

5. Cranberry Sauce
Cranberries by themselves aren't the best food in the world, but on thanksgiving as a sauce, man you got a winner! Not sure who thought of trying it out as a condiment for turkey, but I am sure glad they did.

6. Candied Yams
Sweet and delicious, it's like having dessert for dinner. The warm, soft, and flavorful gourd is a must have at Thanksgiving.

7. Pumpkin Pie
One of the best types of pies out there and perfect for Thanksgiving. The thickness of it and that touch of cinnamon are a perfect way to end the smorgasbord.

8. Sweet Potatoes
Yet another food that doesn't get made enough and makes it's presence felt during Holiday feasts. The natural sweet aroma and taste must have been loved by both Pilgrims and Indians.

9. Dinner Rolls
Each year I tell myself that I won't fill up on dinner rolls before eating the other good foods, but every year I fail to listen to my own advice. They are just so delicious.

10. Casseroles
Not a tradition in every family (probably because it's quite a lot of work), but when part of the dinner it is a perfect compliment. It's got everything in it to make you Jolly, just in time for Christmas!

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The Top Ten Thanksgiving Dinner Foods

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Two Cool Milestones: 7000 and 2000 now officially has over 2000 registered members and over 7000 top ten lists! We be growing. Twitter, Stumbleupon, and Facebook refer the most traffic but Google organic searches still account for 50% of our overall traffic.

We get about 25,000 unique visitors per month. Next year we hope to double that.

Monday, August 24, 2009

The Top Ten TV Networks

There are hundred of channels out there, but only so much time we can dedicate to watching it. DVR has definitely changed the way television is watched, giving people the opportunity to watch a wider variety of shows when they want. You can even watch shows that are on at the same time, where in the past you had to choose. Here are the top ten TV Networks, but go ahead and add your own on

10. Travel Channel

It's the best way to visit the world from the comfort of your own home. Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations is fascinating as you get to see the different cuisines of the world; tat guy will literally eat anything. You get some great ideas and tips on places to visit when you're not channel surfing.

9. PBS

As long as you can deal with the annual telethon, nothing beats PBS's commercial free programming. Whether you have young children, are into science, politics, history, art, or anything else intellectual, PBS has it all. Nova is a classic and all the local programming gives you a feel for the issues in your own backyard.

8. Food Network

The only thing I like more then watching delicious food is eating it. This station has brought Iron Chef into pop culture, tell me another food show that has been turned into a Wii game. Good Eats is probably the best show on the network currently, so many great ideas and done in an entertaining manner.


HGTV provides all the information you would ever need to know about buying a home, staging it, selling a home, interior design, landscaping, and DIY projects. You get a glimpse of all the different homes there are out there and he different styles that people choose. It also shows you the dark-side; houses that are in disrepair and people that let their homes fill up with junk. House Hunters is great, guesing which house will be chosen is the best part.

6. Spike TV

This channel was created for those humans that have a Y chromosome, but even the ladies enjoy it. Wide range of television that isn't shown anywhere else, but also replaying some favorites like CSI. UFC is also featured (for free!) and Jesse James is a Dead Man needs to receive a mention.

5. Discovery Channel

Discovery makes science cool. They have one of the largest selection of shows out there on a wide range of topics, some favorites include Man vs. Wild, Deadliest Catch, Mythbusters, Dirty Jobs, Ax-Men, and the spectacular series Planet Earth.

4. HBO

The only premium channel on this list, but much deserved. They feature all the best movies and with DVR, you basically have a library of movies to choose from to watch anytime you want. But it's their TV Shows that have made them so great with the likes of Entourage, Big Love, True Blood, Sex in the City, Deadwood, Weeds, and so on and so on...

3. History Channel

So many great shows that feature some of the most interesting events in history, often bringing new information and footage that has never been seen. Battle's BC is an excellent new show, as well as all their other programs about war.


Sports all day everyday, and done well. Hands down the best sports programming, ESPN has been the standard for decades. Sportscenter has better journalism then most networks and getting the exclusive looks into your favorite teams and players never grows old.

1. Comedy Central

The funniest channel on TV is an endless barrel of joke cracking monkeys, including Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert. This is also the channel that brought you Chappelle Show and the legendary South Park. The only free place you can watch stand-up comedy, late night they even play sets that are unedited.

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The Top Ten TV Networks

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Top Ten Dr. Seuss Books

If you don't like Dr. Seuss, then you don't know what great children's literature is. If you don't know Dr. Seuss, you weren't brought up right.

10. Oh, the Thinks You Can Think!
9. Happy Birthday to You!

8. One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish

7. There's a Wocket in My Pocket!

6. Horton Hears a Who!

5. How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

4. The Lorax

3. Green Eggs and Ham

2. The Cat in the Hat

1. The Butter Battle Book

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The Top Ten Dr. Seuss Books